Let me tell you first that years back I thought a lamp is a lamp. Period.
All gel lamps are for curing all the gels .. because it's a lamp for curing gels.

Simple, though?

I've watched the number of Watt, because I thought this was the 'strength' of the bulbs inside...
and that 36 Watt was neccesary for curing the gel properly.

I say to newbies.. "do you've a lamp already? No problem. Is it 36 Watt? Great.
You don't have to buy one anymore, just use the lamp you already have. You save money."


Well, if you don't know you don't know. I know.

While I keep on learning the wiser I'll be :)
( well a little bit at least, there's so much more to learn )

So never stop learning!

What I know now

for a while...

Not every lamp is good enough for all kind of gels.
Because every gel has different ingredients and properties.

Therefor every gel has it's own lamp... 

You know, gel will be hardened when the gel is cured for 50%. 
But that's not enough. A gel need to be cured for at least 90%.

We can't see it with our eyes if it's 50% or 90%.
Well I can't,  that's for sure. Because we see only the surface of the gel.

Manufacturers do a lot of tests and research on their gels to provide a lamp that will cure properly.
( that's why lamps are not cheap)

It's all about the heigth of the inner lamps, the position of these lamps.... and so on.. to get the right one
which's curing their gel for at least 90% 

A gel can be cured:

  • the right way
  • too little (undercure)
  • too much (overcure)

And you want them to cure the right way, isn't it?

Why it's so important

to have a right lamp..

Well, when you don't cure your gel properly there can be a lot of problems.
And these problems can be like irritating the skin till the nailplate let loose of the nailbed ( Onycholisis) as well. 

and everything in between.

As a professional Nail Technician you're responsable for treating the nails of your client well
you have to know knowlidge about your products and how you handle these.

Therefor you need training to learn to use the products of your brand
and follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

They know what they're doing.


Please be aware ...

When you want to do your job properly and professionally...

You have to have the right lamp and that's the one which your manufacturer of your brand advice you.
He or she is the only one who can tell you how to use their products properly.

Because they KNOW their products best.

So, if you'll use a few kind of gels of different kind of brands... you'll need different kind of lamps as well...
to do your job properly...



let me tell you another story... about the WATT...
this has nothing to do with the strength of the inner lamps...

Oh no.. it only says how much power it takes from the electricity, which you may pay :)


You might say sceptical... especially when you don't have the right lamp
"YEAH ofcourse you say 'use the lamp of the manufacturer'.. because you wanna sell more lamps."

Well, I understand you might think this..

But this information wasn't pushed or said by the manufacturer his/herself, 
It's meant to be to spread awareness of what you're doing and of your responsebility as a Nail Technician.

( and ofcourse I wanna sell..  but  just for the right reasons)

The information comes from a book called 'Face to Face' part 1 from Doug Schoon.

Doug Schoon is an American scientist specialized in Hair -& Nail products. ( the science behind the nails and products)
He's an independend person/ business/author, not connecting with any manufacturer at all.

So, you're an insider now... you know the secret of lamps in general
and why you must use the right one.