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The Power of Selfies

foto maken

To make photo's from each other is possible as long as the camera exist .


You probably know them... old pictures with stately and posed human beings.
At that time they have to wait for a long time when they saw the results.

And  maybe you know by yourself how exited it was
when they've to develop your photo's in the dark room, 

or at least should be printed by others before you saw the results

How curious you was then:  how they were and how you look on it ?
As soon the photo's  were ready you looked at it expectantly.
Is it?

Nowadays you see  the result right away.
If not what you hoped for, you make instantly another one and delete the 'wrong' one.

Well by creating the mobile phones we all make photo's of everything.

Sometimes when you have something to remember ... make a picture of it.
the streetname from where your car is parked while you go for a city walk,

a damaged package which arrived and you want to show this as a proof

I think you know what I mean

Because everyone is doing this.

It's normal, we don't know anything else.

And really, mobile phones with camera are not excisting thát long.

And then there were also 'selfies'……

The possibility to make a picture of yourself without any help 
or to make a phote of the whole group with yourself in it.

How convenient is that?

Everybody makes selfies.
Look at facebook.... and everywhere where you can post pictures

How do I look ?
That is the first thing you're curious about. Everyone does. 
It's a natural reaction. If we're happy about it we show it to everyone.

This you can do in your salon as well. 
And especially around Christmas time it'll be great.
Look how many pictures will passing by to give everyone Christmas Greetings.

How great it'll be when your salonname is there as well.


I like to share an idea from a big store in the Netherlands called " Bijenkorf ". ( Beehive)

They had made in the shop-window a frame where you had to stand in front 

and there were 2 buttons
1 to make a picture
and 1 to give them permission to put your photo at Instagram

This was a great idea from the "Bijenkorf " because what are people doing ?

They will look for themselfs at Instagram at the "Bijenkorf"!

That is natural, you'll look for something you know 
And that's you.

These pictures were liked and shared a lot.
And so this store was seen by a lot of people 

Doing this they didn't 'get ' only their clients but also people who were passing by.
Especially the younger ones..

There is a big chance that passers will go into the shop to see it at the inside.
Because when it's fun at the outside what will be it inside? 
You'll become curious..

This was a piece of entertaining.
It doesn't sale right away but there is a moment of attention.

You can do this too.

Get your salon in the picture with Selfies.

Create some space in your salon with a beautiful Christmas background
so your clients can make selfies

or make a beautiful frame which your client can hold in front and you'll make te picture of her

And ofcourse you'll have a message and/ or your logo in it

While she shows her beautiful nails you've made...


Note for selfies: think of that everyting is in reflection... ( the other way around)
so you made your frame and message logo also in reflection ( so everyone can still read your message) ;)


Activate your fantasy

Your client can make a selfie and put it at facebook 
and she tags your salon name in it.

Or you make the photo and put them at facebook or else...  and tag your client.
( you now know for sure the picture comes at facebook ) 

Tag and let tag
Make something remarkable of it so your clients can't forget and they'll keep talking about


A second advantage is ... you'll have photo's at your facebookpage as well... 

And especially in this time of year you won't have always time or energy for this,
so it's arranged know.

Enjoy this time of the year !


( I hope you'll understand the story, English is not my first language)