What you've to know about your target audience

When you run a business, you need customers
who wants to buy your products and / or services.

Not everyone wants that ...
because not everyone needs your products or services 
or does not (yet) see the added value of them ...

So it's your job as an entrepreneur to show
- what you have and what you do
- which problem or desire you can solve
- what benefits this brings for them
- for who you are ...

it's even better to first investigate which group of people you want to help ,
what problems or desire they have ...

and then look for the right products or services.

You at least know then that there is a group of people that you can help
and who is also willing to join you ...

because the group needs to be big enough to run your salon ..


Always remember that people are looking for "What's in it for me?"

Because you can still find your product or service so beautiful or great…
the point is others must see that too ...

THEY want to see their problem solved.

Seth Godin


So you want to have a group of people that you can help
and who are willing to pay you for it.

These people all have something in common:

- they have a certain problem
- or a certain desire


 We call such a group of people a target audience.

You are there especially for them.
You know what keeps them busy and what they want

Why do I need a target audience?

"I just want to help everyone ..
I am not going to choose, because then I will miss all those others ..
" I'm not crazy ""


That's a logical thought 
and you are not supposed to refuse people to help ...

the point is that you focus your marketing on your target group
and when 'people-who-do-not-belong-to-your-target-group' feel attracted to your message, 
you will of course just help them.

"You-are-crazy-if-you-wouldn't-do" ... 

So you really don't have to choose.


You focus on your target audience in your marketing because
- you know exactly what they want
- and because you can help them

because it is then easier to
- do your marketing
- attract your customers

because they see you as the person-where-they-should-be ',
as an expert that solves their problem or show off to their dream come

Because let's face it
you're going certainly prefer to a nail technician
then to a farrier to get your nails done?

and yet they both file :) 

What exactly must I know about my target audience?

Who are they?
- What are they struggling with?
- What do they want to achieve? And when?
- What do they need for that?

In addition, it's of course also important to know what role you can play in this:

- What can you offer them?
- What are your talents?
- What can you do to change their life?

The answers to these questions must always be found
in the communication you have with your target group.

But how do I get answers now?

By asking.

By doing market research.


Often it's more easier than you think
it could just be that you used to belong to your target group

You had a problem or frustration
and you have been investigating to find a solution

Because you have found it
you can now help people who feel the same problem or the same frustration

You understand better than anyone how they feel
what they are struggling with,

so you can write about this
they feel understood
they feel a connection with you.



But how exactly do I make it clear
for whom I am there?


When someone asks you what you do,
you often tell us what profession you have ..

"I am a nail technician"
"I am a beautician"
"I am a pedicure"

Now that person can imagine what you are doing
but often it is a bit vague ..

It can be different, clearer ...

When you have a market message,
this is sometimes also called an elevator pitch,
you can tell exactly who you are there for and what you are solving  in 1 sentence.

And that lingers
it's easier to remember
it's clearer

For example:

- I make clothes for women who are taller than 1.80, instead of I am a dressmaker
- I help women aged 50+ to stay in shape, instead of being a fitness instructor
- I teach highly sensitive children to play guitar, instead of being a music teacher

and you can also "so" sticking behind it

... so that they always have the right size and no longer have to walk around in too short pants 
... so that later on they suffer less from osteoporosis 
... so that they can relax at the end of a school day ...

some could probably be more exciting ...
because I don't know the background of that target group :)

but it's about the idea.
I hope you feel what I mean.

How do I know now
whether I have a good market message?


The next time someone asks you what you are doing, 
tell her your market message.


Two things can happen


- or she will look blurred
- or she is enthusiastic and will ask further ..

In the 1st group it may be that the person is not your target group,

but often it is that your message is not  strong enough, yet... 

it still has to be ' more exciting ' 


because even if the person does not fit into your target group,
she often finds it interesting what you have to say
when you convey the right message ...

she becomes enthusiastic and want to know more...

and it may just be that she refer customers
who could use your help.

Because she easily remembers your message
and can match it with the problem someone has ...

"I'm so fed up ... my pants that I buy in the store are always too short" ...
"Oh, then you have to go to so-and-so,  ... because they make special clothes for long women.."

Practice your message

so that it comes out of your mouth with confidence

because as soon as you come across insecure
, your message will not come across well.

Stand in front of the mirror with your
legs at hip height
and push your knees together (they don't have to touch).

You will feel your pelvis tilt
and your back straighten .

Tell your message OUT LOUD to your reflection.
listen carefully to yourself ...

do you tell it confidently?
Or not yet?

Practice out loud regularly .. get used to this

because talking to yourself is easy
but as soon as you say it out loud it sounds different ..

Do you recognize that? :)

if you wanna know more about your target audience
or you wanna help with your business?

Please let me know