tips from the Beauty Business Coach about customers and profit in your salon

First sow, then harvest 

In horticulture they do it literally.
They sow / plant first, they take good care of it so that the seeds or plants grow.
And when the crop is big enough, they are harvested ...
they go to the auction or to a shop and the grower gets money for it.

With which he can buy seeds for a new harvest.

Figuratively you can also see it happening in politics.
Before the elections, the men and women of politics take to the streets,
you can hear them in radio programs and of course on TV.

Everywhere they proclaim their message,
they tell what they stand for.

They want us to 'get to know' them
so that we can gain confidence in them.

That is sowing.

And during the elections, they reap the harvest in the form of the number of seats.

As an entrepreneur, you also do this…
you are going to distribute flyers, place advertisements, create a website…
post messages on facebook and instagram…
you write blogs / articles that are interesting for your target group….
you make videos….

You do everything you can to get in the picture of your target group.


And you keep doing this ...

Your prospective customer follows a certain path…
to know, to like, to trust…

In other words:

- your prospective customer must first know that you are there, otherwise they cannot choose you
- then they must like you…
- and when she trusts you, she becomes your customer.

Then you reap in the form that your client pays you money for the treatments you give…
or the products you sell.

This allows you to offer more value to your customer
by investing in new services and products that will benefit your customer.

By delivering value to your customer, they become a repeat customer ...
which is of course important to build your business.

Just like with any relationship you have, you also build a relationship with your customer ...
you have to nurture it ...
you have to keep working on it,
hence the word 'build' ...

Because just like with other relationships, when you if you do not work on it, if you
do not pay attention to it, everything will fade away, things will become
watered down and you will no longer see each other.

Just think of your relationship with your girlfriend ...
if you don't call or make appointments every now and then, it will evaporate
until you have no more contact at all ...

You have probably been there.

Do you know that someone needs to hear from you an average of 7 times before taking action?

But do I have to become a
friend with every customer and have coffee?

No, of course not, there are different forms of attention.
For example, you can think of valuable information
that you provide that your customer is interested in.

You can do this by publishing a newsletter.

But a newsletter is very old-fashioned, right?

Nobody is indeed waiting for a NEWS letter ...
but everyone would like to receive tips and information about something they are interested in ..

That's why you don't call it the newsletter, but give it another original name ...

You can ask your customer if you can use her email address
to send her mails with tips and facts ..
She often wants this and especially when she gets something in return ...

Note: you cannot just send someone newsletters,
unless she has permission given. Otherwise it's spamming.

Receiving a newsletter is always without obligation
and she should always be able to unsubscribe when she no longer wants to receive your mails.
je hebt mail
Why a newsletter when there is Social Media?

Social Media is fleeting and you are dependent on someone else…
namely the person who determines who sees your messages.

Which is not to say that you shouldn't be on social media ..
here your prospective customers can meet you
and get to know you a little better.

But building a real relationship is only possible when she gives you her email address ...
so that you can put her on the list and that she will hear from you regularly
without having to make an effort.

This is called email marketing.

The advantage of Email marketing is that you have permission to send someone emails
They are people who are really interested in what you do and have to offer,
they would like to hear your tips and information and
you help them with it.

The best thing is if you have both: Social media and Email marketing.

Via Social Media you can refer your prospective customers to your website,
where they can become a member of your newsletter.

By regularly giving her valuable information she will become your fan
and she will see you as an expert ..
making it much easier for her to become a customer of yours.

Of course not everyone will be.

And if she does not become a customer herself,
she will remmeber you and she can forward others to you.
Because people do business with people they like and trust.

There must be a certain connection.
You often have the same interests.
She knows you can help her

But doesn't that take a lot of time
to send everyone a newsletter?
You are also not going to send everyone a newsletter separately,
because that would indeed take a lot of time.

And if you would do this via regular mail
, your message will also be seen as Spam
and your readers will not receive your mail.

But there are certain programs
where you write a newsletter once and that is sent to everyone on your list,
without it being seen as Spam.

These are the so-called Autoresponders.

Autoresponders out there include:

Active Campaign,
Aweber ..

There are free and paid versions ..
usually the higher the number of addresses you have on your list
and / or the more features you want to have ..
the higher the subscription.

You can often try it out for a while.

Mailchimp, for example, is free to a certain number of addresses (and there are quite a few),
so I think it's a great one to start with.

After that, you can always see whether you are switching to another
or whether you want to apply other functions and whether you opt for a subscription.

Let's start first…

The only disadvantage of Mailchimp may be that it is in English…
but of course you can create in any language newsletters with it.

If you want I can help you to set things up ...

The great thing about an autoresponder is that you,
despite sending 1 newsletter to everyone, can
still see a personal email
Portrait of a pretty young blonde woman browsing the internet on her laptop

What do you need to know about your newsletter?

Send your newsletter about 1x per month, that is a good starting point,
but preferably more than less.

It is also important that you provide information
and do not just try to sell.

This is called the 80/20 rule.
That is, 80% content and 20% sales.

Because sales of course remain important, because you have a company,
just don't let it predominate.

Give to give, not to receive .. give from your heart ...
Ultimately, receiving can be an outcome of giving

What should I write about?

Really, there is so much to write about.

Have a look in the trade journals, or on sites where trends are described ...
you can write about new colors or products
about the training you have followed
you can give some insights about the nail, skin ...
but also practical things such as when you go on vacation ...
or new opening hours ..., new treatments,

Long live the internet!
Whatever you want to write about you can find everything on the internet.

Yes, but Lenet, that is not original, is it?

NOTHING is original anymore,
everything has already been written about.
Don't let that put you off.
They haven't heard from YOU yet.

Read headlines. (titles of articles)
Look up information.
Be inspired.

Make it your own story.
In your own words.
And you have the content of your newsletter or blog
that you can refer to in your newsletter.

Make sure not to copy literally because most articles are copyrighted. (this also applies to photos!)
If you want to copy something literally, it is important that you ask permission,
usually it is OK if you mention his / her name under the message.
But just ask, otherwise they can make a claim on you. And that's something you really don't want.

Yes, but I cannot write at all?
There's a saying:

"If you can talk, you can also write."

Write the way you talk to your girlfriend.
Don't use too complicated sentences.
No jargon.

Just Do It.

Have fun writing your newsletter!

I hope this has inspired you to do email marketing.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Salon & Zaken (business) is the blog of the Beauty Business Coach, Lenette Koolwijk