Brief van Elmien

Dear reader,

The Bio Sculpture® Professional Salon System is the first and leading soak-off, flexible colour gel system in the world. Our three systems, namely Bio Sculpture Gel, Bio Sculpture Spa and Evo by Bio Sculpture are compatible and they compliment and complete one another. Products, techniques and items from the Bio Sculpture Gel System like the higher viscosity Base Gel and the variety of Strengthening Gels, Sculpting Gels and Building Gels will assist you to treat any nail type and condition.

After nearly 30 years in the Nail Industry I am of the opinion that Evo stands out as the very best and most complete nail product of its kind. Evo is the perfect choice for professionals who prefer to conduct all nail treatments using one product but still caring about maintaining the healthy condition of their clients’ natural nails.

Due to the advanced modern technology of Evo, the system has proved to successfully tick all boxes when it comes to nail treatment, from quick overlays on short nails, to supportive reinforced overlays on long nails.

Evo is user friendly and can be used to create Form Sculptures to mimic the shape of natural nail, as well as Silk Sculptures on bitten nails, or to create long stilettos and high arched curves.

One of the greatest properties of Evo is that overlays and extensions are flexible on the nail plate while being super solid on the free edge length. However it is the Evo Glueless Tip that has everyone talking. Never before has it been so easy to create length in such a short time without using glue.

What really sets Evo apart from regular gel-polish is the great condition of clients’ nails after removal of the Base.

Ongoing Research and Development is focussed on offering a full spectrum of nail treatments. The Bio Sculpture system offers a range of Treatment Gels for strong, medium and hard nails for all nail types and conditions, to offer personalised treatments. Nails can be enhanced and lengthened with the option of beautiful nail art. Together, Bio Sculpture & Evo offer over 250 nail colours.

Bio Sculpture Gel – the fully comprehensive nail care system used by professional nail technicians globally.

For more information, contact Bio & Evo Benelux.
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