7 tips for Christmas

We've to wait for a while , but Christmas comes sooner then you think. Time flies...
And therefor you have to start early, let say October
so you'll have plenty of time to promote and prepare your activities.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you

1. Make a plan
Blijf leren!

What's the purpose of your action?
What do you want to accomplish?

What was a big hit last year?
Use it this year again.
It's recognisable for your clients .. they're looking forward to it

Do you use a theme?
What do you need for this?
Do already have it? Or do you need shopping for this?
Where can you get what you want?

Book time in your agenda
what are you gonna do when?
Think about ordering products, printed stuff, promotions...

Set your promotional activities ready,
for instance at your facebookpage you can schedule your messages.
Take advantage of this ... so you don't have to worry or stress about your promotion.

Do you have your data of your clients up-to-date ?
This will be a great opportunity to look at it again right now.

And so ýou're sure your promotion activities will arrive at the right person.

2. The power of a Christmas card.


It's a 'Thank you' for your clients
and it could be a promotion for products in January or February

You can design them by yourself or you let somebody else do this for you.

You can link it to a Charity which you care about
Let your clients see you're socially concerned .

In Holland we have 'Goede doelen kaarten" ( charity cards) when you search on Google you'll find the companies.

Probably in your country there are companies like this as well, I think.

Look and see if it's something for you ...

When you sent a Christmas Card
you can put a letter in it to promote
your promotional activities in the months January and February.

Keep them warm and willing to come to visit your salon in these months too.

Ofcourse you can sent them an E-card instead of a fysical card.
But a personal card from you, in this computer era,
stays on the mind of your customers... it has more value

( an E-card can disappear between the other mails)

Tip: give your clients their Christmas Card personally in the month November and December...
It's personally and your costs won't go sky high.

3. A Beautiful Moment for Gift Vouchers


With Gift Vouchers you'll attrack new customers to your salon
and give your sales a boost.

How do you promote your Gift Vouchers?

Give them a special and visible place in your salon
for instance at your counter.. ( not under )

Make a beautiful display for them

Stimulate your sales by giving them ideas:
- buy a Gift Voucher with a discount of € 5,00
- buy a Gift Voucher for an amount of .... and recieve ... for free.

or think about a theme:
- buy a Gift Voucher for a Spa treatment : scrub, mask & massage
- or of one of your arrangements
- " a Gift Voucher for product X"

These vouchers have a fixed price..
the price of your treatment or product.

Give you clients something to choose and give them ideas.

And ofcourse you can offer them a Gift Voucher with the amount of price they wanna choose...

Promoot your Gift Vouchers at your website and facebookpage...

create powerful , silly or ... headlines, like:

" She will love you for ever when she got this"
" Give him this link and act surprised when you find it under the Christmas tree".

Let your creativity flows on this ....

Make your Gift Vouchers in your housestyle of your business or buy them from your supplier.
4. Make a gift of your Gift Voucher


An example:
silver or gold envelopes
with satin bows, strass, mini - christmasballs

Or choose for Organza envelopes
special boxes/ bags ..

Here in Holland we have sites like
Organzastore.nl of Kadodesign.nl

You can give a 'tester' or a give-away with it.

Nice to give and lovely to get.

Gift Vouchers needs a special 'treatment' in your administration... ask your bookkeeper or accountant
to help you... So you don't get troubles afterwards.

5. The Value of a Coupon


As a preciation to your clients..

Stimulates your sales of a new treatment or product , for instance...

You can surprise your frequent customers with these coupons
which they may use in the month January and / or February...

You GIVE coupons to your clients ( when you sell it's a Gift Voucher)
Make conditions to use these coupons...
"Use till 30th of January"

don't give discounts at your treatments
or it should be for a new treatment to PROMOTE

Because your time is your biggest possession
And time never returns... therefor it's precious

And when you give discount at your time
your clients have paid you normally too much, isn't it?
Because now you can do it for less... (?)

Something to think about
isn't it?

6. Tips for in your salon


Place your 'Product of the Month' in the real spotlights:
put a spotlight on top of it to make an eyecatcher

Make a special display or shop window

I get always inspiration of www.beekwilder.com
Love to snubbing around... ( but I love to decorate...:) )

Tip: make photo's of your displays/ decorations !
This is for your evaluation and inspiration for the next time.

Place these at your facebookpage or instagram...

Place your eyecatcher at eye level .
So they cann't miss it.

Make the price clear for your costumers, they must not search for it.
Some of them are embarresed to ask, and therefor they ignore it if they don't see prices.

Surprise your customers with a WOW effect
a little gesture make a big difference

i.e. in Disney Resorts they fold the towels everytime in a different shape.
The guests are everytime excited... "What should it be this time?"

Serve your coffee or tea on a special way...
i.e. a little tray with a vase with a flower or a Christmas tree ...

Let them feel a real Christmassphere by music, candles ( safe ofcourse), odor, ... Christmasdrink...

Make them happy.
Make their visit a real experience.
So they'll come back and tell their friends about your salon.

6. Keep the overview


I know it's a busy time before Christmas
but beware to keep your salon clean and organized

Also at the outside of your salon
It's the first impression people have about your salon.

But you don't have to do it all by yourself
you may let it do by someone else as well ofcourse

Treat yourself on this
and you can fully concentrate at your clients

Take care of yourself too..
so it will be also a wonderful Christmas time for you as well
( not that you're too tired to celebrate)

Walk ones a while around your salon
and look through the eyes of your customer

Is your salon attractive for your customers and passers-by?
Will they be excited to walk in?

8.Bonus Tip: Think Forward

Happy shopping woman in pink running with shopping bags. Isolated on white background in full length.

Hit the mark after Christmas
score fröbels and frills

Ideas comes easily after Christmas because
you're having still the Chritmas spirit in you
( It's much easier now then in the middle of the summer)

Make notes of ideas
and evaluate last Christmas

You'll make it yourself much easier for next year.


I hope that with these tips I gave you some inspiration for a wonderful business during Christmas time ( and beyond).

Love to hear from your ideas...

Lenette xx

© de Beauty Business Coach, Lenette Koolwijk